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FemFolk - Women empowering others to take their passion, make it happen and live the life of their dreams! Rooted in Norfolk County but empowering women everywhere!.

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So much more than a online community this is a sisterhood of incredible women. Here we can connect, collaborate, and crush personal and business goals, but we can also grow in life and friendship too.

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You won't want to miss this 2 day virtual personal development experience!

Speakers, workshops, networking and so much more, check out the details!


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Meet your leaders

Crystal & Amélie

Crystal is a high energy, ready for anything kind of coach with a business and financial background. She loves to make people realize that they are more in control of their life then they think they are. She helps humans make their dream life become reality. Her wellness has been a struggle, her past trauma has been getting in her way. She is not a fan of walking in the rain.

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Amelie is a nature lover and wellness expert. Her jam is to empower other humans to create happiness in their lives with simple habits. She is high energy and she kicks ass at meeting people where they are. She dislikes talking about finances and is not a big fan of budgeting.


Together, we love to support, encourage and simply hold space for our members. We offer a non-judgmental space for women to share authentically. 

We love to have fun, ask questions and listen to the answers. We love to dive deep and help women decide that they deserve more. 

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How to start living your best life?

You wear many hats and maybe you feel overwhelmed at times. We know this because we do too. We are moms, entrepreneurs, wives, volunteers, and more. But beyond those titles, we are women who want more, women who dare to dream. We have built this community because we do not want to do it alone - we invite you to join us as we rise together.


It's time for you to start living your best life! Here are some simple yet effective life tips that have made a difference for us.

6 Simple Tips for you

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ALL women need a tribe of sisters who have their back. We are here to connect, collaborate and CRUSH personal and business goals! We take on this world, one goal at a time. We hustle hard and we fail hard. Let’s build each other up!


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