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If you are on this page, you know already know you want to continue to evolve and work on the areas that stall you. 

Life gets in the way. YOU get in your own way too. The backseat gets comfortable again while you show up for everybody else in your life and you land at the bottom of your own list. (again!)

That is NOT where you should be or want to be.  It’s time to get in the driver seat friend, it's time to get shit done!

We know, you probably have so many tools, books, podcasts and online courses that your tried to do alone. (we have our own library :) )


But what have you implemented?

What have you done with what you learned?

What are you consistently applying to your life?

How much money have you already investing in trying to do it on your own?


Yes, we are calling you on it!

Someone called us on it before too. Not so long ago, we were “trying without actually doing" too. In that comfort zone, we did good, we were ok. I don’t know about you but being OK is not our goal. We want to be fucking great!


You probably have made up a million excuses for why you haven’t done what you know. It’s nice to talk about it but there is a difference between knowing and doing. 


What if you didn’t have to do it alone?

What if you had a safe place to share how you really feel, no filter?

What if you were called on all your excuses by someone who genuinely cares about your growth?


Read on girl!



Alright, is this event for you?


Do you want to grow on a personal level?

Are you willing to do the work?

Do you want to be called on your excuses?

Are you ready to take ownership?

Are you ready to trust your own gut?

Are you ready to do what feels good for you not just what the expert tell you to do?


If any of the above statements resonate with you,

you are in the right place!

FemFolk Live - an event for all women- not just entrepreneurs!


Taking part in FemFolk LIVE will be your first step forward to kick start 2021. 

You will walk away with:


  • A plan in place

    A plan that feels good on the inside, that you feel capable of implementing
  • Clarity

    on what you actually want!
  • New Connections

    Allies who will support you
  • Inspiration

     to show up and take care of yourself
  • An accountability partner 

    to hold each other accountable to keep moving forward

This event is about more than learning and networking (there will be tons of that) - it’s about CONNECTING to other women - growing together and supporting each other.  Finding like minded people who are on the same journey as you - wanting more fulfillment and happiness out of life. 

Investing in yourself is saying YES to your future!

Save your spot

"This is THE event to go to if you are looking for empowerment, to be surrounded by energetic, driven women, and to come away feeling like you can build a life you love."


Your Hosts 

Through coaching other women, Amélie and Crystal have seen where women get stuck. They have proven and simple tools and strategies for you to apply to make small changes that lead to BIG Impact.  

One common factor in their personal development journey is that they didn’t do it alone.  They leaned into coaches and other like minded women who had been where they were.  And they still lean into their communities when things get tough again, as they inevitably do.

FemFolk Live Virtual Experience

 FemFolk Live Virtual Edition is a personal development online experience with expert speakers, workshops, panelists, conversations, connections and more. We laid out this incredible content  over 2 mornings to keep you engaged and motivated, while still living your life.  We are using a top notch online event platform to help you connect with women everywhere. This is not just another zoom call, Hopin is a virtual event venue with multiple interactive areas. That means that you can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you've created. 

We kick off the event on Saturday January 30th at 9am with speakers on the main stage and breakout rooms including Q & A, workshops and connection spaces. The first day is all about YOU and your connection to your true self, your health and your relationships. The first day will wrap by 12:30pm. 

A bonus session will be held for our VIPs after the general wrap. This is a chance to get deeper in self-awareness and get firsthand help from our experts. This is a chance to get some coaching specifically for what you are going through or where you might be stuck.

Day 2 is all about taking action - helping you make a plan for yourself. This event is not only about getting inspired, but then returning to your day-to-day.  It is about taking action to move forward in your journey. The second day will start at 9am with exciting connections and growth opportunities. You will be invited to design your own plan with 2 other experts and connect with other real women who are navigating through creating a successful,  happy life. We have a panel, who will share authentically how they set goals, pick themselves back up when they fail and much more! You will end day 2 will allies, motivation and your next step clearly laid out for you. By 12:30, you will feel inspired and ready to take action to live your life fully! 

“FemFolk is a wonderful community for so many women needing to start out, or get out of stuck mode , who really need to belong to a community - women who are currently feeling lonely, isolated, invisible, etc. and have a burning desire for more, and to truly make this world a better place by creating smiles within those they desire to serve.”

 Renee Willis - FemFolk LIVE


What to expect:  

  • Engaging workshops on health, relationships, community, awareness, and wealth with experts to help you: 

  • Create practices for self -exploration
  • Release your inner critic
  • Consistently use tools to cultivate self-love
  • Increase and sustain your energy and boost your mood
  • Create momentum & a plan to keep it
  • Give yourself permission to create, relax, reflect and practice awareness 
  • Plan a mindful self-care routine that will change your life 
  • Practice saying YES to yourself
  • Identify where you keep getting stuck, how to anticipate roadblocks, and ultimately navigate around them
  • Connect to what you truly want in your life and help you figure out how to get there with a holistic approach
  • Gain the confidence to step in and be fully yourself
  • Q & A Sessions with our experts so you can finally get straight answers

  • Interactive sessions after each workshop for you to have authentic conversations and make real connections

  • A panel discussion on how other women figured out their purpose, manage the challenges of life and how they pick themselves up after perceived failures.

  • Networking, laughs, movement and more!

Let's do it together!

Save your spot

Why you should be there:

Seriously, we’ve got your back and we want to help you be happier and more fulfilled. We are tired of seeing women settle!  There is more - and community and connection makes all the difference.  

If you are tired of the same old, same old, it’s time to take a look at who you surround  yourself with, and how that is holding you back.  Taking 2 short days for yourself to reflect, connect and plan will help you gain so much clarity and focus. 

You deserve more and the only way things are going to change is if you decide to jump in and start working on yourself and your dream - but NOT alone! 

We have created this opportunity with women just like you at heart. 

We don’t want to do it alone, you don’t want to do it alone… LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!

This is a step forward, a gift to yourself. You are worthy of it all. 

  • Just 2 short half-days to focus on yourself and gain clarity of what you want in 2021 and beyond to live your life with purpose
  • Tangible action plan - strategies to implement in real life - starting today
  • We’re all in a storm, just not in the same boat. - Connect with other women who are in the same storm.  
  • Accountability to move forward 

We have structured the weekend to fit your busy schedule, and we will provide you with guidance on how you can plan to take the time for yourself - guilt free - while still meeting all of the other obligations you have in your life.  

AND...the support of the FemFolk Community doesn’t stop after FemFolk LIVE.

You will gain some allies, you will learn how to lean in. It’s not enough to just stand on the side.  Be part of this community and figure out other opportunities to grow like Thrive Together and other programs and courses can help you move forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FemFolk Live









Still thinking about it?


We know you lead a busy life and sometimes it's a challenge to set time aside for yourself. We also know that investing in yourself creates a little bit of guilt.

We know because we have been there. IT’S HARD!

If your excuses sound like:

  • I can’t make the time to work on myself

    That’s why we’ve planned a 2 day virtual conference, designed to fit your busy life - tons of personal development and inspiring speakers who have been through the self discovery journey, over 2 days, just committing 3 hours each day over a weekend.   
  • Weekends are my relaxing time

    We promise that the weekend will be relaxing too!  You will feel refreshed and invigorated by making plans for your bright future.  Come as you are - be comfortable.
  • I’m Shy

    We know it’s hard to put yourself out there. It can be uncomfortable at times. We also know that from getting out of our comfort zone comes change. You want change, don’t you?
  • I don’t know where to start

    That’s exactly why you should attend. Let’s figure it out together. 
  • I can’t afford it right now

    Investing in yourself will repay itself ten-fold.  Imagine a life where you are fully satisfied - where you are truly happy?  Now is the time.  You landed on this page for a reason.  Something is calling you.  This investment can change the rest of your life - you only have to choose to say yes, and lean in.  That’s the first step!It’s amazing how we can justify a Netflix subscription, but can’t justify investing in ourselves. 

Your life can change with just one connection.  

One woman’s story can open the door to new possibilities.  

One strategy that you try and it works. 

What is that worth to you?


We cannot wait to help you get in motion.

We love connecting and getting real and that is exactly what will happen at FemFolk LIVE.

We are excited for you to take the next step in your personal development.  We know the importance of being heard, understood and acknowledged.  That’s why we are hosting FemFolk LIVE. It’s so much easier when we do it together.


Amélie & Crystal 

When you take action,

things start to shift!

Ready for a change?

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